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Como recuperar mensajes borrados permanentemente de un PST de Outlook

Esto funciona. Mi compañera Sandra presionó shift-Del y sin querer borró un folder completo. Utilizamos este procedimiento y todos los correos borrados se pudieron recuperar.

: "Deleted doesn't really mean gone
Originally Scott Heath says:
The key is that deleted e-mails aren't really completely removed when they've left the Deleted Items folder.

�A PST has its own FAT, so to speak,� wrote Heath, �and when an e-mail is deleted, it is simply marked to be replaced.�

The trick is getting back that one message that's been removed. Heath discovered a way to do this in an article posted on the High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA) Web site. In the article, fraud examiner Randall Shane explains how you can deliberately corrupt the PST and then recover it, retrieving all of the contents, including �permanently� deleted items. You can follow these steps to pull this off:

Make a backup first!
As the following steps involve corrupting Outl…